Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor project is part of India's Dedicated Freight corridor joint venture of GMR Infrastructure and SEWS Infrastructure

105 ton girder launched at Gorakhpur.
A dream project of Shri Yogi Aditya Nath U.P Chief Minister in his constituency.


The concrete-laying in a well foundation starting on 19 July 2017 on the Raghopur side.[3] 67 well foundations would be constructed in Ganga while total 20 well foundations will be laid in 'Diyara' area of both sides of Ganga. India’s biggest construction giant Larsen & Tourbo better known as L&T India is executing the Rs 3,600 crore bridge project which will be the longest bridge in India. (wikepedia).

Transformer erection for Sterling Wilson Solar

Kachi Dargah- Bidupur 6 Lane New Ganga Bridge l
World's longest Bridge Over River in Bihar



75 ton girders launched in Futiah Basti U.P

88 ton girder launched

Rehabilitation and Upgradition of Rudhauli to Basti side approach of Ghagra bridge section (km 65+870 to km 120+270) of NH 233 in Uttar Pradesh Two lane with paved shoulder on EPC mode under NHDP Phase 4

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Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir project site

Wind Power Plant Projects